wholesale elegant disposable dinnerware use in Portland

Any of you who have been to Portland in the past few years have undoubtedly heard of the wildly popular Pok Pok Thai restaurant. As someone who is completely freakin¡¯ obsessed with Thai food, I am embarrassed to admit that up until last month I had never eaten at Pok Pok. Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of uber trendy restaurants or waiting a long time to get a table, so the husband and I just kind of ignored it as a date night option. One overcast Sunday a few weeks back we were driving around doing something I can¡¯t remember (estate sale? comic book store? home depot?) and we started getting hungry. I was searching on my phone for nearby restaurants when Pok Pok popped up. Thai Tomato Salad - 5 minutes, 5 ingredients. The perfect wholesale disposable plates and cutlery! It was about 3:00pm, so we figured that the wait wouldn¡¯t be too bad, because, you know, how many other weirdos eat at 3:00pm on a Sunday? Well, as it turns out, a LOT of people. The line just to check in to inquire about a table was AROUND THE BLOCK. Cars were dropping people off to get in line before driving through the neighborhood to look for parking. There were so many people standing around it was impossible to tell who was in line, who was waiting for a table, and who was waiting to get picked up wholesale disposable dinnerware and wholesale elegant disposable dinnerware at the curb. When we were in Bangkok a few years back one of the things I quickly learned was that lines don¡¯t mean a lot in Thailand. I¡¯m sure that I am overgeneralizing here, but for the most part it was an every-woman-for-herself operation when waiting to use the ladies room, and a few times it got dangerously close to a mosh pit situation when we were trying to board the subway. A busy intersection in Bangkok - who needs lines? As no one seemed to be paying much attention to the ¡°line¡± at Pok Pok (too busy applying mustache wax and comparing bird-themed tattoos, I suppose), I used my authentic Bangkok skills and found my way to the front of the line. I told myself that the husband and I deserved to get a table first because we had actually been to Thailand (BEFORE IT WAS COOL!) and learned the right way to get to the front of a queue. Yes, I¡¯m a bad person, but let¡¯s just blame it on the fact that I was hungry, and I can¡¯t be held responsible for my actions when I¡¯m hungry.

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