How to make Thai Tomato Salad ?

Thai Tomato Salad - 5 minutes, 5 ingredients. The perfect wholesale square dinner plates! We were seated within fifteen minutes and after a short wait we had a feast of Thai wholesale serving dishes laid out before us on our table. I can say that without a doubt it was the best Thai food I¡¯ve had since Thailand, and was certainly the most authentic to boot. The dishes themselves weren¡¯t necessarily what you think of when you think of classic Thai cuisine, but the flavors and techniques were spot on. I keep meaning to buy this cookbook which was written by Andy Ricker, the owner and culinary genius behind Pok Pok. Confession: Just clicking over to Amazon to get you that link was the final push for me to buy it, so I just did. It is on its way here! Eee!

Alright, enough about my weird online shopping habits. So you¡¯re probably wondering what this long rambling story has to do with this recipe post. Right, well one of the dishes we ordered at Pok Pok was a ¡°special of the day,¡± scribbled on the chalk board as ¡°Thai tomato salad.¡± It was one of my favorite things we ate (and we ate A LOT; our waiter told us he was impressed), so I knew I had to recreate the recipe to share with all of you. This is incredibly simple to put together and is truly packed with flavor. Don¡¯t be grossed out intimidated by the fish sauce; it adds a savory, salty flavor to just about anything, and while the smell is a little pungent it doesn¡¯t taste like fish when you cook with it. I put fish sauce in seriously EVERYTHING nowadays (beef stew, marinara sauce, bloody marys¡­) and use it like I would Worcestershire sauce.

Thai Tomato Salad - 5 minutes, 5 ingredients. The perfect wholesale square plates !

You¡¯re going to love this easy dish. Enjoy!

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